About This Blog

This blog is for those who want to know more — not just about the dozens and dozens of past unexplained events at the Merchant's House, but about the ones that will (probably) happen tomorrow.

My name is Scott Stiffler. I’m a print journalist. For the next year, I’ve been granted exclusive access to attend, and blog about, monthly investigations at the Merchant’s House. The most recent one took place on Saturday, March 19. Currently, paranormal investigator Dan Sturges and his team (read about them under BIOGRAPHIES) are reviewing audio and video tapes — and I’m conducting interviews with all who were in attendance.

Soon, I’ll blog about what did or didn’t happen. Of course, we hope something extraordinary is captured on tape each time we conduct one of our monthly visits — including an overnight one, a live webcast one, and one which some of you will be attending. We hope to show you video of a conversation with one of the Merchant’s House ghosts (if that’s what they are). We hope to find out much more about life after death (if there is such a thing). And if not? Well, we hope to know all that’s knowable about exactly what’s going on here.

But we won’t ever confuse wishful thinking with factual evidence. We won’t make stuff up just to have something to say; and we won’t forget that the purpose of this project is to explore and inform.

Thoughts? Questions? Contact me at scottsaysgo@gmail.com.

For more about the Merchant’s House Museum, visit http://www.merchantshouse.org/.

For more on Dan Sturges (leader of our investigative team), visit www.sturgesparanormal.com/.

DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed on every single page of this blog represent only my
own — although any person of impeccable taste and high intelligence (living or dead) is bound to agree.