A graduate of The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Dan’s work in theatre and independent films has taken him around the world — with the obligatory Law & Order episode thrown in for kicks. A childhood interest in ghosts and an interest in the Civil War led to an interest in researching haunted locations of historical significance. After working with a local group, Sturges (along with colleague Dan Tisher) formed Sturges Paranormal — whose members include some of the best researchers on the east coast who specialize in historically haunted locations.

His reputation for using sophisticated investigative techniques and equipment, combined with his levelheaded approach, has given Sturges access to some of New York’s most notoriously haunted locations (such as The Ed Sullivan Theatre, restaurant One if by Land, Two if by Sea and The Bartow-Pell Mansion).

Since 2007, Sturges and his team of academics, investigators, authors and psychics have been given unprecedented access to the Merchant’s House Museum to conduct investigations.

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A videographer by profession, Board of Directors member Bellov first became involved with the Merchant's House as a volunteer during his college days. Having had several noteworthy unexplained experiences here himself, he drew on those (and substantial documented accounts in the Merchant's House archives) to pen the 2007 booklet “Some Say They Never Left” (available for purchase at and in the museum gift shop).

He is the Merchant’s House board member tasked with cataloging unexplained occurrences and overseeing the monthly investigations.

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Print journalist Stiffler has been given exclusive access to the ongoing investigation at the Merchant’s House Museum. In addition to authoring this blog, he is currently conducting extensive oral histories from Merchant’s House staff, volunteers and visitors who’ve had unexplained experiences while in the house. Stiffler has written on other paranormal topics, and currently works as Associate Editor of the newspaper Chelsea Now (and edits the A&E sections of that paper as well as The Villager, The East Villager and The Downtown Express).

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With a degree from The Berklee College of Music, Gustavson’s extensive knowledge of audio and psychoacoustics make him a valuable asset to the Merchant’s House investigations.

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